Automotive websites

Interactive showroom

The interactive showroom feature presents your products under lights. With live price feeds direct from OEMs, your showroom stays up-to-date automatically.

Online ordering

After completing an online vehicle build, your customers can place their order and make payment via your website.

Leading SEO

Ensure your business is achieving maximum reach on the internet with our industry-leading SEO capabilities.

Live inventory

Drive customers’ purchase journey by allowing them to view and buy from your live vehicle inventory.

Finance calculator

Increase lead capture by presenting customers with a range of finance scenarios for each vehicle in your inventory.

Make an offer

Increase enquiry by empowering customers with a make-an-offer option for each vehicle in your inventory.

National offer feed

Live feed showcases national offers to automatically keep your site fresh and up-to-date – major OEMs supported.

Custom landing pages

Drive sales by running your own campaigns in addition to the national offer feed.

Lead management

All your leads, in the palm of your hand

Live feed puts every lead on your smartphone, to ensure no opportunity falls through the cracks.

Full lead profile

The complete picture of every lead at a glance, with our powerful lead statuses and road-to-sale checklist.

Let the past inform the future

Make better, informed decisions based on the customer’s previous interactions with your dealership. Each touchpoint between the customer and your dealership can be viewed in the customer’s lead page, from emails to purchases.

Quick access to customer builds

Dealership staff can quickly and easily access customers’ online vehicle builds. Staff members attending to the customer have the additional functionality of being able to edit builds to help customers build their dream vehicle remotely.

Email integration

Stay in the loop by tracking all emails, and receive notifications when customers read your emails.

Deal Builder

From online showroom to online vehicle build, as quick as a click

Customers can seamlessly transition from online showroom to the vehicle builder app, where they can customise, share and purchase, or save their build session to be continued later.

Start builds from existing stock

Stock hanging around too long? Want to get cars in traffic faster? The vehicle builder app lets customers start custom builds with vehicles you already have in stock.

Know your customers by tracking their builds

Gain insights into customer preferences as well as where they’re up to in the research and purchase phase, with builds linked directly to customer profiles.

Product management

Sell your own accessories, products and memberships complete with photos and videos uploaded to the inbuilt product management system.

Less paperwork, less hassle

Do deals entirely electronically by allowing customers to sign the T&Cs digitally.

Seal deals, with in-app deposits

The vehicle builder lets customers provide a deposit for their order on the spot, either online or in the showroom.


Real-time quotes

Close more deals and drive finance penetration with instant finance quotes based on a customer's circumstances, from a range of lenders.

Instant application

Streamline the finance application process by allowing customers to submit the application directly through the deal.

Track settlements

Eliminate confusion and double-handling by seeing the status of finance approvals and settlements from within your deal log – a range of lenders are supported.


At-a-glance insights into your dealership

The dashboard presents an overview of all the activities in and around your dealership, organised so you can quickly take away actionable insights. Easily monitor the success of your sales team and discover areas for improvement.

Downloadable reports

In addition to handy online viewing, Auto CX reports export easily in a clear A4 format for printing and physical storage.


Valuation app

Add valuations to the deal directly from your phone, to eliminate delays as well as paperwork.

Vin lookup

View key vehicle details by scanning the VIN barcode or entering the rego.

CarHistory integration

Get a CarHistory report for trade-in vehicles directly in the app. If you win the trade the report can be added to your website.

Test drive app

Capture every Test Drive

Every test drive is logged and captured as a lead.

Test drive log

Authorised users can view and search a log of all test drives to help with the allocation of infringement notices.

Key Safe

No missed log entries

Secure the keys to every vehicle to eliminate missing entries in the vehicle log.

Tag per vehicle

An electronic key tag is attached to the keys for each vehicle.

Timestamped key access

Track the date and time each key is removed from the safe.

Test drives

Automatically capture the vehicles that were taken for each test drive event.

Who was driving?

View and search a complete log of who was driving each vehicle at any given time.

Phone Recording

Phone system integration

Direct integration with most phone systems, so you don't need to replace the system or purchase any hardware.

Complete coverage

Capture every call, not just those made to a specific phone number.

Identify staff & customers

Automatically tag the staff member and customer involved in the call.

Flag enquiries

Flag enquiry calls in a separate list for priority attention.

Coming Soon


A completely re-imagined campaign feature is coming soon…


A major upgrade to our CMS is due for launch in 2021.